Masters of the Air

Masters of the Air

Ahead of the upcoming “Masters of the Air" miniseries, us here at the Model Yard wanted to
cover a few of the aircraft featured in the trailer. The focus of the show is on the 8th Air Force
and 100th Bomb Group of the late 1940s, with their stallions of choice being the P-51 Mustang
and the B-17 Flying Fortress respectively. The show proudly focuses on the dedication and skill
of the bomber crews as they take on heavy ground fire, while simultaneously being under attack
from numerous BF-109 fighters who prey on the slower B-17s. The lumbering Fortresses are not
alone though, as a plethora of Mustangs are keen to take down their German foes, chasing each
enemy in between massive wings. Valiant heroes do their duty and protect their allies as much as
they can, but some of the Flying Fortresses still fall prey to heavy fire, sustaining massive
amounts of damage or exploding from the force of cannon shells.

WWII Aircraft in formation

Aircraft wise, several variants of B-17 are featured in the show as one of the main focuses, such
as the striking G variant which makes an appearance in a unique bare aluminum finish. The P-
51C Mustang is the combat fighter of choice for the US, with the Tuskegee airmen's
recognizable red and yellow camouflage displayed prominently. For the Axis enemies, the
German BF-109 fighters are in their distinctive mottled brown coloring, which blends in with the
B-17s as they pass by each one.

Tuskegee Airmen

In the meantime while we await the release of Masters of the Air, please take a look through our
selection of Die-Cast or metal models which go along with the featured aircraft to see if
something catches your eye!

Die-Cast Models:
B-17 Flying Fortress Die-Cast Model 
B-17G Flying Fortress Die-Cast Model
P-51C Mustang Die-Cast Model
BF-109 Die-Cast Model

Metal Models:
P-51C Tuskegee Metal Model
B-17 Flying Fortress Metal Model

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