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From Blue Skies to Display - A Decade of Model Developement

Sporty's Wright Bros. Collection has a vast selection of model aircraft for enthusiasts and collectors to add to their own collections. With our first-ever webinar, we delve into the process of selecting and manufacturing the custom die-cast models based on airplanes around Sporty's airport in Clermont County. Watch the webinar recording here and checkout the models we created. 

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How to display your model collection

You found the perfect Model for your collection; you buy it and then what?! For Model collectors, the
fun in collecting is to share your collection with everyone else! Oh, and so you can stare at Models when
there’s nothing else to do. Rule number 1, do not buy a Model and then just leave it in a box somewhere
to collect dust, you MUST find the perfect spot to display your Model! I’m going to highlight a couple of
excellent options to help you do just that.

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Top 5 Favorite Airplanes of All Time

In the Sports world, people love to discuss their list of the greatest players or teams to ever play the game. For Aviation enthusiasts, we love to compile a list of the greatest planes of all time.  Some planes on our lists could change over time but the top-tier tends to stay the same. Each plane holds a special meaning for that person, it could be looks, fond memories of piloting that particular plane or flights taken during childhood. Here is my list of top 5 Airplanes of all time, please feel free to email me your list! I’d love to see what planes you enjoy as a fellow enthusiast. Email us your list!

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Top 10 Aviation Books for Winter Reading

Somethings in life are guaranteed, like taxes and death but I’d also like to add Winter weather to that list. Doesn’t matter if you live in Florida, Ohio or Texas, there comes a time every year where the temperatures drop and people bust out long-sleeved shirts or in some states, heavy jackets. Outdoor activities seem to fade and indoor living picks up. Television is getting harder and harder to watch so let’s take it back to a bygone era where people picked up a book and read! Here is our list of Top 10 Aviation Books for Winter Reading.

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Home Decor Ideas for the Aviation Enthusiast

When it comes to home decoration the first step is to research trends because no one wants to feel
outdated decorating a living room, entertainment room, home bar, office or bathroom. Have you ever
thought about decorating in a theme that you love and enjoy? Forget the trends, this is your home,
decorate it the way you want and surround yourself with things that make you happy! For the Aviation
Enthusiast we’ve selected some of the top products that will add a touch of aviation to any living space.

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The Airplane and Aircraft Model Collectors Forum - Welcome to The Model Yard

Welcome to The Model Yard! Created for people who enjoy collecting airplane and aircraft Models and
for those who want to learn more about airplanes. Our goal is to highlight an aircraft Model that is
unique and may be hard to find for the average Model enthusiast. If you’re interested in joining The
Model Yard...

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Top 10 Aviation Christmas Home Decor

Growing up I loved decorating for the Holidays. Some of my fondest memories as a child are
making cookies with my mom and decorating the tree. I still remember my very first Christmas
Ornament, a Cookie Monster Ornament!

Working in aviation I found aviation themed decorations lacking and that aviation enthusiasts deserved
better. Here is our list of our top 10 Aviation Christmas Home Décor items, including a  special outdoor
decoration to greet your Christmas guests. 

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