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Piper Cherokee Die-Cast Model Contest Winner Selected

The winner of Sporty’s and Gemini Jets Piper Cherokee Die-Cast Model Contest is Thomas Bevard.

Thomas' stunning red and white 1970 Piper Cherokee 180E was selected by our team of experts
and will be Sporty's next limited edition 1:72 scale die-cast model.

Thomas will receive serial number 1 of the model, it will be featured in our catalog and 
online after manufacturing is complete.

Thanks to Thomas and all Cherokee owners who participated!



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The Official The Masters of the Air Series Review

“Please note: Spoilers ahead so if you have not watched the series, this is your notice”

When I first heard about Apple TV+ coming out with a tv series focused on airmen during WW2 I
was met with a mixed reaction. Part of me was really excited to see classic airplanes grace the
big screen, while my other side was extremely nervous that the airplanes would play a co-star
role to some Hollywood love story with a little aviation mixed in and some vague facts about

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Calling all Piper Cherokee Owners!

Sporty’s and Gemini Jets are excited to announce the launch of our Piper Cherokee Die-Cast
Model Contest! This is your chance to see your beloved Piper Cherokee transformed into a
stunning, intricately detailed die-cast model at a 1:72 scale. Whether you own a Piper Cherokee
140, 150, 160, or 180, we invite you to participate in this thrilling competition.

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Learn How Die-Cast Models are Manufactured

Welcome to our blogpost on the basics of Die-Cast creation, highlighting the major steps and design
processes that occur before a model arrives at your doorstep.

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Masters of the Air

Ahead of the upcoming “Masters of the Air" miniseries, we wanted to
cover a few of the aircraft featured in the trailer. The focus of the show is on the 8th Air Force
and 100th Bomb Group of the late 1940s, with their stallions of choice being the P-51 Mustang
and the B-17 Flying Fortress respectively.

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Top 10 Aircraft Model Picks for Christmas

Off the shelf for our blog today is a J3 Cub Die-Cast model, modeled after Joe
Costanza’s JF-65 from 1941. Normally stationed at New Jersey’s Flying W
Airport, the aircraft has an upgraded Continental A-65-8 engine and a wooden
propeller instead of the Franklin engine it first came with. Lightweight, nimble,
and popular, this aircraft is of 20,000 built in just the 10 year span of 1938 and

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The F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team - Soaring Above Limits

The F-22 Raptor is more than just an aircraft. It's a testament to human achievement,
engineering prowess, and the never-ending pursuit of aerial dominance. And when it comes to
showcasing the unparalleled capabilities of this fifth-generation fighter, few do it better than
the F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team.

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August brings National Aviation Day

August 19th marks a day that every aviation enthusiast, history buff, and dreamer has circled on their calendars: National Aviation Day. A day to honor the
pioneers of aviation, the advancements in the field, and the sheer magic of flight, it's a celebration that speaks to the heart of human achievement. 

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Wright Bros. Collection Podcast with Don Wycoff

Join us while we sit down with former F-16, commercial, and current Sporty’s Citation Pilot Don Wykoff! Don has flown a long list of aircraft including the F-16, Boeing B-757, L1011 and MD-88 to name a few. Don has over 4,000 military hours and 17,000 civilian hours in the cockpit. Don will be answering questions about his aviation career, about his favorite aircraft that he has flown along with some interesting while in the left seat.

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