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Home Decor Ideas for the Aviation Enthusiast

When it comes to home decoration the first step is to research trends because no one wants to feel
outdated decorating a living room, entertainment room, home bar, office or bathroom. Have you ever
thought about decorating in a theme that you love and enjoy? Forget the trends, this is your home,
decorate it the way you want and surround yourself with things that make you happy! For the Aviation
Enthusiast we’ve selected some of the top products that will add a touch of aviation to any living space.

Entertainment Room/Hangar/Home Bar:
These are great for the home bar, entertainment room or in a hangar because no matter where you put
them, someone needs a place to sit down and relax. Our Deluxe Bar Stool adds the luxury
of having a back rest and swivel seat.

Propeller Bar Stools

                    Propeller Bar Stool                                                     Deluxe Propeller Bar Stool

You’ll need a place to set your beverages or food trays and counter space is always limited.
The Bar Pub Table
measures 42.75”h with a 2.75” in dia. top.

Bar Pub Table
                                              Bar Pub Table

It’s easy to let the time get away while you’re having fun but our Color-Changing Altimeter Wall Clock
won’t allow that to happen! Includes a hand-held remote so you can adjust the color from across the
room and features 22 dynamic modes with smooth effects.

Color-Changing Altimeter Wall Clock
                        Color-Changing Altimeter Wall Clock

Living Room:
Complete the living room set with our exclusive Vintage Mahogany Propeller pieces.
We have you covered from the Propeller Coffee Table, Propeller End Table to the Propeller Lamp.
Propeller Furniture

Propeller Lamp Youtube Video

If you’d like to mount a Propeller above the fire place or lean it against a corner our
6’ Propeller with Brass Edging  is perfect!

Brass Edged Propeller

The bathroom can be the hardest room to decorate and we understand, the bathroom is key to equity
growth and re-sale value. So, we’ve made it easy with our Made in the USA Shower Curtains and
matching Bath Mat that feature neutral colors that match most flooring and wall colors.

Shower Curtain and Bath




The Airplane and Aircraft Model Collectors Forum - Welcome to The Model Yard

Model Yard

Model Yard Youtube VideoWelcome to The Model Yard! Created for people who enjoy collecting airplane and aircraft Models and
for those who want to learn more about airplanes. Our goal is to highlight an aircraft Model that is
unique and may be hard to find for the average Model enthusiast. If you’re interested in joining The
Model Yard, please sign up here: https://www.wright-bros.com/aircraft-models.html
We won’t spam your inbox as this is a bi-weekly email.

We offer hundreds of Model airplanes and it’s easy to lose track of some very interesting aircraft that
deserve their own highlight. Factual information will be provided for each Model including flight stats,
production numbers, and operational use.

Do you have a collection that you’d like to share with The Model Yard community? Each email will
include a link for customers to submit their own Model collection. We’ll add your pictures to our
Aviation Room for others to enjoy. We’ll feature them in future marketing emails and social media platforms.



Top 10 Aviation Christmas Home Decor

Growing up I loved decorating for the Holidays. Some of my fondest memories as a child are
making cookies with my mom and decorating the tree. I still remember my very first Christmas
Ornament, a Cookie Monster Ornament!

Working in aviation I found aviation themed decorations lacking and that aviation enthusiasts deserved
better. Here is our list of our top 10 Aviation Christmas Home Décor items, including a  special outdoor
decoration to greet your Christmas guests. 




Sporty’s Wright Bros. Exclusives


Inflatable Santa

1. Inflatable Aviator Santa Christmas Display

Made of durable nylon and illuminates at night with its four LEDs and 105” power cord that
plugs into a standard household outlet. Measures 96”l x 71”h with a 70” wingspan. Folds for
convenient storage.


Tree Topper

2. Santa’s Biplane Animated Tree Topper

Easily secures onto any Christmas tree with adjustable Velcro straps for simple installation.
Includes a 9’ power cord that plugs into an included 6’ AC wall adapter. Santa’s Biplane
measures about 6”l with a 3.75” wingspan, and rotates about 22” from the center.

Santa Topper

"Cool idea ! Just be sure to make room for it..."
I think the biplane topper is a great idea and it looks pretty neat! It's a little heavier and 
wider than what i was expecting. It sticks out a foot from the tree so you need to make 
sure that there's plenty of room around your tree so that the banner doesn't catch on 
anything (like curtains).


Santa Nutcracker


3. Fly Boy Santa Nutcracker

Exclusively designed by Sporty’s Wright Brothers Collection, this 14” Fly Boy Santa arrives ready for
flight with his sack of gifts and aviator attire. Featuring a trapper hat with goggles, cotton jacket with fur accents,
display propeller, sack of gifts and toy airplane.

Santa Nutcracker

"A Christmas Tradition"
Hey guys! It is great. It will a part of our Christmas tradition for the rest of our days.
Wife thought it was cute as a “bugs ear”... her words.



Santa Figurine


4. Fly Boy Santa Figurine

Meticulously hand-crafted by Possible Dreams®, amazing detail includes a wooden propeller
with “Merry Christmas” printed on the blades, and snow sprinkled on the base. Measures about
11”h x 6.5”w and 3” thick.


Santa Figurine

"Jolly Flyboy"
This Flyboy Santa is simply a gem. Upon receipt it looks even better than its catalog photo and it has
great details and seems to be quite durable. My husband is an American Airlines employee and he was
so surprised and elated to receive such an original piece. My keeping it protectively packed in the box in
which it came during the year we will have a wonderful Christmas decoration for years to come.


LED Santa LanternLED Saturn Lantern

5. Fly Boy Santa LED Lantern

On/off switch located underneath the Lantern turns a steady flow of glitter with delicate lighting.
Measures 11”h x 4”w x 4”l. Operates on 3 AA batteries.



Tree Ornament


6. Tree Ornaments 

Show your love for all things aviation related during the holidays with our selection of 25 aviation themed ornaments.


Musical Airplane Ride


7. Musical Airplane Ride Christmas Carousel

Plays 8 different Christmas classics such as Oh, Christmas Tree, Silent Night, We Wish You a
Merry Christmas, Deck the Halls, Joy to the World, The First Noel, Hark! The Herald Angels
Sing, Jingle Bells. Synchronized LED lights, miniature people, and a mirrored center column
complete the presentation. Powered by three AA batteries or by an AC wall adapter. Measures about 10.5”h x 8” in dia.  


Musical Snow Globe CubSnow Globe Picture Frame


8. Musical Snow Globe with Cub Picture Frame

The battery-powered Frame lights up by a flip of a switch and automatically starts the flurry of
swirling “snow”. There is a timer switch for a 6-hour display, and an on switch that plays 8
Christmas classics; Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Silent Night, Deck the Halls,
Joy to the World, The First Noel, Hark! The Herald Angel Sing, and Oh, Christmas Tree.
Operates on four AA batteries. Measures 9.5”w x 8”h x 2” thick. Includes three keyhole hangers
for easy wall display.


LED Flying SantaSanta Christmas Display


9. LED Flying Santa Christmas Display

As the propeller spins the LED lights display holiday cheer; “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays”
and “Here Comes Santa”. Made of resin, the Display measures 9”l x 5”h with a 7.5” wingspan.
Operates on three AAA batteries.


Aviator Nutcracker


10. Functional 18” Aviator Steinbach Nutcracker

Unlike other decorative Nutcrackers, this one is actually functional! Nutcracker measures
about 18”h x 6”w.


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The Story of the MA-1 Flight Jacket and why it was essential to Pilots


During the early days of aviation, aviators would don a heavy leather flight jacket to stay warm in open cockpits on long flights. Some featured fur around the collar to help seal off the cold air. The leather flight jacket was essential to bomber crew members during WWII; while the leather flight jacket was a savior to crew members, just like most things, time advances and so did the flight jacket.



 As aircraft capabilities continued to develop during the late 40s into the early 50s, planes were flying faster and higher, and cockpits were getting smaller and smaller.  If it rained during pre-flight preparation, leather flight jackets would not repel water, so pilots would board their planes a little wet; when you’re flying at higher altitudes a wet flight jacket is not ideal. They started to freeze. The need for a different material was evident.



Designed by the USAF, the MA-1 Flight Jacket was born! Developed for year-round use, the MA-1 needed to be lightweight, comfortable to wear in different weather conditions and a water resistant. Nylon fabrics and polyester interlinings replaced heavy leather as the jacket of choice by aviators. Initially midnight blue and sage green, the MA-1 later added black and green color options.


The MA-1 flight jacket was not only a favorite in the cockpit but also in civilian use as a fashionable jacket that endures to this day. The MA-1 also serves police departments and security agencies. While no longer issued by the United States military, the MA-1 remains popular among many armed forces around the World allied with the United States.


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